Purchasing a sample 

Products that appear on our website may be purchased as single, unbranded samples. This can give you a better understanding of the end product, and help with the decision making process. If a product is available for a sample purchase, you will find a link to purchase the sample on the main product page of that item. 

Details of costings for individual samples can be found for that product, if you add this to your cart generally samples are charged at their base unit rate, plus delivery (£9.95 each). 

It is not possible to specify colour choices or branding for a sample purchase - they are intended as an indicator to help guide you only.

In some cases, the sample provided may be a 'dummy' product only, and will not have the full functionality of the end product (for example: USB flash drives may not work as data storage devices). 

Please note, you can only purchase a maximum of 1 sample of a particular item at any one time. If you have additional sample requirements, please contact our sales team. Any additional purchases beyond this limit will be refunded to the buyer. 

Returns and Refunds 

Our products come from the UK, Europe and the Far East and as such not all samples are returnable. This is due to high logistics and shipping charges. Please as your account manager for further details if you require information on a particular product sample. 


Delivery is based on a UK address only. 

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