Golf Umbrella
30" golf umbrella with EVA handle, fibreglass shaft and metal ribs. Polyester. Branded golf umbrellas make the perfect executive gift for golf-loving clients and colleagues. A hole-in-one for improving client relations and employee morale! Not only that, but you might...
Telescopic Umbrella
21.5" umbrella with metal frame, metal ribs and plastic handle. Umbrella is supplied with a pouch. Polyester. Here in the UK umbrellas are a must-have. That’s why adding a branded umbrella to your onboarding or promotional giveaway pack is so...
Auto Open Umbrella
190T polyester umbrella with wooden shaft and handle. This umbrella has automatic opening. Unfortunately, it rains 156 days per year in the UK! But it’s not all bad, every one of these rainy days is an opportunity to promote your...
Embroidered eyelets for ventilation. Fabric hook and loop fastener. Cotton twill of 100% Cotton, 175 g/m2. We might not get much sun in the UK, but we still love a stylish baseball cap - whatever the weather. Why not get...
While we might not need to use them too often, having a set of sunglasses around for those rare sunny days in the UK is a priority for many of your clients, colleagues and customers. Why not help them out...
Ice Scraper
Whether you’re looking to give your promotional gift-set a winter theme or provide logistics and delivery drivers with an easy way to keep the frost off their windshields, these brandable ice scrapers are a perfect choice. They’re made from sturdy...
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